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Hello world!

11 Mar

I decided to create this quick blog so that I could make quick notes and updates about things going on with my websites. I have a lot of websites as you probably know and I don’t have any way to make notices of whats going on with them all. A lot of people use Tumblr for things like this, but I personally do not like Tumblr. I keep getting distracted by other people’s posts, etc. Even if I don’t follow anyone. Its just easy to keep getting distracted. So I decided to make the updates and stuff here. I think this would just be easier and less distracting.

Anyways, the point of this site, is so that I can post quick updates and notices about all my sites. That way, if a site is on hiatus or if a new site is coming, you can know about the progress and status of it and of whats going on with the site or sites. I just thought this would be easier rather then me having to explain myself to each individual who asks me about my websites. This way, every can just come here to find out.